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for carefree holidays and moments of light in a memorable summer season

We as your hosts can say with certainty that we do our best to make our guests feel at ease, comfortable and safe from your arrival. We create #momentsoflight for your careless stay with us. 

Check-in at the Hotel Tofana

We are going to welcome you with open arms and warm hospitality. 


Our rooms are properly cleaned on a daily basis and every possible surface is disinfected. We use special products to disinfect the premises which are also constantly ventilated. Our staff wears facemasks. All over the hotel, there are several stations where you can disinfect your hands. 

Eating & drinking

Keep a minimum distance to other guests. In our restaurant the tables are arranged on the basis of current local regulations. 


Our wellness centre is open and we strictly stick to all hygienic measures that need to be respected. Moreover we constantly check the chlorine components in the whirlpool. Also the sauna is open. 

Thank you very much for respecting the rules and for supporting us with your self-responsibility.

Travel cancellation insurance