Cleanliness and hygiene first, for mutual safety we have briefly summarized our provincial provisions.

  • We will welcome you with a warm greeting without touching us.
  • Your room will be properly cleaned on every surface and disinfected.
  • We use special products to sterilize the premises and for daily cleaning.
  • The premises will be ventilated constantly.
  • The rooms will be cleaned daily with antibacterial products.
  • The staff will be equipped with a facemask.
  • The use of gloves where there will be direct contact.
  • We guarantee several workstations to disinfect hands throughout the hotel.
  • For the Buffet service you can use the mask and the use of disposable gloves respecting the safety distance of 2 meters.
  • The restaurant tables will be arranged with safety distances.
  • Daily check of the chlorine component in the whirlpool eliminates the corona viruses.