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Ridged like a mountain - warming like a hug.


In San Cassiano, mountains mean sport, relaxation and life, every season brings different colours and smells, and you can just feel your physical wellbeing improve.

It is here that Günther and Verena open their doors to reveal a dream come true.

Contemporary design. Colour and geometrics. Passion and energy.
San Cassiano


San Cassiano

In the centre of San Cassiano you can see a mountain – that’s the Tofana Hotel.

We are located just 300m from the Piz Sorega cable car terminal – it’s a wonderful base for hiking in summer and skiing in winter.

San Cassiano

San Cassiano

since 1933

A family tale

We are Verena and Günter Frena, the third generation of our family to run the Tofana Hotel.
We love the mountains that surround our hotel and the experiences they offer.
Yoga and Pilates, mountain biking and cycling, snowboarding and skiing, climbing. These are the things we’re passionate about.

We organise guided tours and introduce you to new sports and experiences.

Tofana Hotel - where you see, feel and experience the mountains.

Check in, enjoy and explore

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Chill & Relax -
Experience modern architecture -
Enjoy gourmet cuisine.

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Sportmen's paradise


Summer and winter: unique Dolomites panorama.

Action, power & fun guaranteed.

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