In the demolition and reconstruction of the Hotel Tofana in S. Cassiano in Badia Valley, the surrounding mountain range served as inspiration for the new architecture and interior design. The concept of the new "EXPLORER's Home" transfers the athletic spirit of the owner family to the entire building...

The traditional family establishment was founded in 1933 and is now run by the third generation since 2011. Günther and Verena Frena’s enthusiasm for sport played a decisive role in the design of the new hotel. The dynamic personality of the two Yoga and Pilates instructors, mountain bikers, ski and snowboard instructors and mountaineers has led the new Tofana to adapt to these two athletic powerhouses: the "mountain" becomes an abstract conceptual inspiration for the entire architecture. The outer silhouette is aesthetically pleasing with its unique scenic entourage and reflects the shape of a tree-lined mountain peak. The hotel acts de facto as a "base camp" for the guest.

Everyone feels right at home in the Hotel Tofana EXPLORER's Home. This is shown by the numerous awards for the design.

Nominated for countless awards:
Design Award & Competition 2018 in the Hospitality category
German Design Award Special 2018
The Plan Award 2018
Best on Archilovers - "most loved"
Building of the year 2018